Love The Skin You’re In is an online course to help you ditch the diets forever!

This course is home study. You get instant access to a private members only space especially for you. It’s designed to take 6 weeks but you can go at your own pace. PLUS you get lifetime access to the course content.

If you’ve ever been on a diet that didn’t work, and food, your weight, or your body image issues are running your life right now, it’s time to make a change. Imagine a life free from dieting, counting calories, weekly weigh-ins, and feeling bad about yourself.

Hi! I’m Margie! I’m here to help you feel happier, healthier, and more confident than ever!

When you join Love The Skin You’re In you will receive:

Inspiring training videos to guide you through each week & the good kind of homework to help motivate you

A caring, supportive community of amazing women and personal guidance and encouragement on your journey

Delicious, easy to cook recipes, and kitchen tips and tricks from a professional chef

Personal development workshops

Weekly webinars & coaching Q&A's packed full of information giving you practical & actionable advice that you can put into practice today!

I’ll help you rebuild trust in yourself to make choices about what, when, and how much you eat – no diet plans, no fads.

This is unlike other “transformation” programs you may be used to. We know diets don’t work in the long run so I’m not going to tell you what to eat or how to drop a dress size in a week.

Start Your Journey Today!Start Your Journey Today!

I’m going to help you…

  • Eat healthier and happier
  • Love the skin you’re in
  • Ditch the diet mentality
  • Break negative thought patterns
  • Rethink how you move your body
  • See yourself in a brand new way
  • Develop new positive habits
  • Feel happier in yourself

Love The Skin You’re In is for all women who have ever struggled with negative body image in any form.

It’s important to know that this is not a quick fix.

Unlike most 7, or 21 day plans, this isn’t a fad. Instead, this course will help you create sustainable lasting change if you commit to the process.

Do you want to ditch the diets and create a life free from feeling rubbish about yourself? Not quite sure of the right steps to get there? Take a leap of faith like the other babes!

Join the Programme Today!Join the Programme Today!

“I wasted years of my life yo-yo dieting and trying every fad that I read about in a magazine or saw on Instagram”

Who am I to teach you this?

I’m a professional chef, certified NLP practitioner, coach & creator of Love The Skin You’re In. I‘m on a quest to help women quit dieting forever, to fall in love with food again and to start loving the skin they’re in.

I want women to feel happier, more energized and more fulfilled than ever before. I can relate to everything you’re feeling right now as I personally wasted years of my life yo-yo dieting and being uncomfortable in my own skin.

I now run a busy catering company, a blog full of recipes, tips and tricks for getting healthy and happy all alongside a flourishing coaching business. Through all this I’ve been able to combine my two passions in life – delicious food and helping women feel more confident and happier in themselves.

I help people change their thinking and how they feel about themselves. Let me help you change the limiting thoughts, the unhelpful habits, the negative self-talk that have been holding you back and let me help you put the years of yo-yo dieting, tears and unhappiness behind you!

Through my personal experiences and my professional training I bring a unique set of skills and experience which produce rapid and lasting changes for my clients. I coach women both on a 1:1 basis and through my online course to find complete freedom around food and to completely fall back in love with both food and their bodies.

Find Out MoreFind Out More

What you get

  • Week by-week content & weekly webinars
  • Video Training Lessons
  • Private Online Support Group
  • Downloadable PDFs and Worksheets
  • Resources and blog posts
  • Study at your own pace
  • PLUS: Q+A CALLS with Margie every week!
  • PLUS: Lifetime Access

Are you ready to change your life?

By joining Love The Skin You’re In, you’ll have access to the same work I do with my 1:1 clients, tailored into an online transformation program unlike any other.

I know that it can be expensive to work privately with me, so I have created two special plans, which I hope will mean there is something that is affordable for everyone. Click on the plans below to find out more!

On the fence?

Perhaps this is all resonating with you but you feel a bit nervous?

That’s okay! Most women I work with are a little bit nervous when they sign up because ditching the diets after all this time is a big deal! We’ve all been so let down diets, programs and who-knows-what that have made us promises they haven’t delivered. But this course is so different from anything you might have tried before. There are no meal plans or rules for you to follow, this is all about freedom, happiness and health – not restriction, rules or deprivation and you won’t be disappointed.

Why not download the FREE LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN STARTER KIT which is full of helpful tips and tricks to get you started on your journey.

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